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New York Residential
A weekly news magaizine covering New York Real Estate that aired on WPIX and nationally on WGN America. I was the Head of Production. In addition, I directed, shot and edited along with the crew I managed. The first three clips in the viewer above are from the show. Follow the link to view more clips.

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Interview with Albert Maysles for Across the Hudson
This interview with one of the fathers of the modern documentary, Albert Maysles, aired on Across the Hudson, a cable show that I produced. Mr. Maysles is well known for shooting Gimme Shelter and Grey Gardens. He was kind enough to grant us an interview prior to his retrospective opening at the MoMA. I edited the piece and presented it in three parts.

QuickTime Version Pt 1
QuickTime Version Pt 2
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Hottest Mom In America Field Auditions
This show was described as the American Idol of Mom's. The producers turned to beelmedia to shoot field auditions here in New York. After the first day of shooting we cut together this segment for the their review before we went out the next day.

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F.I.S.T. with Allison Doss for Across the Hudson
Gerry Coonney started the F.I.S.T. Foundation to help retired boxers learn new skills. We sent Allison to this gala fundraising event for Across the Hudson. Allison landed interviews with boxing legends Jake LaMotta, Ken Norton and Smokin' Joe Frazier.

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In the Kitchen with Jan
This clip is from a cooking segment I produced starring Jan Snyder-Weiss, a chef specializing in organic and macrobiotic dishes. In this clip, she shows us how a special way of cutting an orange for a citrus-spinach salad.

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Snowbaording Sampler
Pro snowboarder, Steve Barardo, hits the slopes. Editing by Bill Hamilton, music by Planeside.

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